Home and Subdivision Builders in Horseshoe Bay, Texas


Patco Const. Co. is one of the trusted and recognized subdivision and custom home builders in Horseshoe Bay, Texas. We have experience in the building industry for more than 45 years.Our owner Howard Patterson is a land developer and builder who has experience in mapping, planning and executing projects such as churches, commercial, residential, custom homes, remodels, etc. He strongly believes that to run a successful company, you have to have great customer service. We take pride in every project we do, every time we are hired as contractors.

Why Choose Us?

Patco Const. Co. is one of the trusted custom home builders in Horseshoe Bay, Texas. Our company has been screened and approved by Home Advisor. We are also recognized by Thumbtack Professional. Since Horseshoe Bay is an attractive place for those who are looking for a place to build a home in, we help our customers custom their homes in a way that they can enjoy the scenic view of the place and feel like they are on vacation while relaxing on their own houses. We will provide you with the home you’ve always dreamed of. We assure you that we will facilitate the entire process, from engineering to selecting the best options and features. We will take you on the journey of the step-by-step complete design and build experience.

As one of the known subdivision home builders in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, we will help you blend in the community where you choose to live in, while still incorporating your preferences and what you want for your home. We will ensure you that we will listen to your requests, suggestions, dreams, and hopes. By the end of the project, we have developed a working relationship, a synergetic environment, a connection, and an amazingly crafted home. We will do our very best to bring any vision to life and promise you that your expectations will be exceeded.

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