Excellent Commercial and Residential Land Development in Horseshoe Bay


Patco Const. Co. offers a variety of services like commercial and residential land development in Horseshoe Bay. We can also help you with your home and commercial building or remodeling. As a trusted construction company, we promise you that hiring us as your contractor will be the best decision you’ll ever make within the year. Listed below are the services offered in our company.


  • Commercial Land Development
  • This means developing private land that is not heavy industrial or residential. If you have or recently bought private land and you want to develop a building for your business at that place, we will help you develop your private land into commercial land. We help you with your major land development in Horseshoe Bay and give you the best results you deserve.
  • Residential Land Development
  • These are lands being developed for residential use. Patco Const. Co. is ready to build your dream house on your lot. We will gladly assist and give you an excellent Horseshoe Bay residential land development.

If we caught your attention and want to avail of the services we offer or you want to know more about us, give us a call today.

  • Custom Home Building or Subdivisions or Commercial Space Office(s), Churches, Schools, Banks, Restaurants
  • Patco Const. Co. has a skilled team to customize residential or commercial properties. We will turn your properties exactly how you visualize them, you’ll be surprised and content with the results.
  • Subdivision Home Building and Remodeling
  • Whether building a new home in a subdivision or remodeling what you already have, we will turn your plans into reality. We will help you blend your home into the community you are in.
  • Permits, Municipalities, Cost or Budgets, Design, Plans, Drawings, Building Departments
  • Our company will also assist you in getting the permits needed for all your projects. We will provide you with the cost or budgets of your projects, along with the design, plans, and drawings for the building departments. We will make sure to involve you every step of the way
  • Property Supervisor, Project Management, Team Management, Building Management
  • We won’t do our job sloppily. We will assign a property supervisor, project management, team management, and building management for your residential or commercial land development in Horseshoe Bay and to the other projects. This way, we will come up with the best results that you want.

If we caught your attention and want to avail of the services we offer or you want to know more about us, give us a call today.

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